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Vantage Point Consulting - Columbus, OH: WELCOME!

Vantage Point Consulting Reviews Company Functions in ColumbusVantage Point Consulting Columbus, OH works with an impressive portfolio of national companies that are seeking an edge in today's marketing world. Companies gain exposure through VPC (Vantage Point Consulting) by sourcing their in-person representation, sales, marketing, and customer acquisitions to our company.

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Vantage Point Consulting Columbus: Our Niche in Ohio

Vantage Point Consulting's niche is direct marketing. VPC increases market share, brand loyalty, and customer acquisition through building rapport with customers one-on-one. While Vantage Point's clients continue to brand and execute traditional channels of marketing and communications, our company adds the slight edge to win in today's market.

Vantage Point Consulting Columbus has seen a dramatic increase in the client's market-share. Although we have had tremendous results, we are constantly pushing the envelope to develop additional strategies to further penetrate the Columbus market for the clients.

Our specialty is in tailoring campaigns specifically to our clients' needs by setting up and executing direct marketing campaigns. We provide innovative and aggressive target marketing & sales management and campaign support throughout the Ohio market.

Vantage Point Consulting Expansion Plans Past Columbus, OH

To better serve the clients of Vantage Point Consulting Columbus Ohio, management is aggressively recruiting top talent to assist in market penetration. All of Vantage Point's employees are thoroughly trained in all aspects of our company's function, systems, and best practices to deliver unprecedented results to our clients' sales and marketing campaigns. We believe that by training our future managing partners from the ground up, these individuals gain a wealth of knowledge that the traditional corporate culture can't provide.

Additionally, Vantage Point Consulting Columbus will be expanding into new emerging markets and cities, requiring additional management staff. It is our goal to not only provide a great value to our current clients, but to take further expand our portfolio to provide extensive management and entrepreneurial opportunities for our employees.

We will attain our goals by supporting initiatives that encourage and enable our employees to benefit from and participate in the growth of our company.

What to Expect From the Vantage Point Consulting (Columbus, OH) Blog

In this blog of Vantage Point Consulting Columbus Ohio, you can expect to find updates on philanthropic ventures, community outreach projects, general business advice, networking events, staff promotions, coaching tips, leadership advice, and stories that we find motivating. Be sure to follow our blog for the most up to date information on consulting, marketing, and entrepreneurship as well!

Vantage Point Consulting is located at 6230 Busch Blvd - Suite 260 - Columbus, Ohio 43229. To get to our company by means of public transportation, we are conveniently located at the intersection of 161 & 71. The #8 on the COTA bus system stops within a short walking distance of our offices.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Vantage Point Consulting Reviews Conference Networking Tips!

As an organization, Vantage Point Consulting has always fostered a culture centered around peer learning and development. Conferences offer a unique and valuable, yet often challenging, environment for young professionals seeking to expand their current connections and build on their portfolio of industry specific mentors and coaches. As we get ready to head east for a weekend of professional development in Pittsburgh, the crew at Vantage Point Consulting is taking a moment to review some of the industry’s top networking tips to make the most of those valuable hours of conference time!

1.       Have a plan. Whether mental or written, have an idea of what you want to accomplish going into the conference. What types of people do you want to meet? What topics do you want to focus? What do you want to learn? Shape your schedule around making this happen.
2.       Set appointments in advance. If you know of specific people you want to meet with who will also be attending the event, call or email them in advance to set-up a time to speak or at least get on their radar for meeting. Conferences are hectic so the more proactive the better!
3.       Don’t focus on just meeting the headline speakers. Though offering a lot of information, these people will be a hot-commodity and will be difficult to really connect with. Focus on the others in attendance and foster long-lasting and beneficial relationships with these people.
4.       Talk to the people sitting near you. Don’t let any time go to waste. Connect with the others sitting around you as you wait for a session to begin; introduce yourself to the people in the lobby or those waiting for a drink at the same time. A simple “hello” could open many doors.
5.       Ask questions and LISTEN. Don’t always be the one talking – ask questions and drive the conversation to more meaningful and substantial topics.
6.       Put your technology away. Shoving your face into your phone or laptop makes you unapproachable. Check email quickly and use break times to your advantage.
7.       Don’t automatically send Facebook or LinkedIn invites. Make your social media connections as real as your in-person connections. Jumping too quickly to online connections could in-fact hinder a relationship rather than foster future connects. Friend wisely.
8.       Read their stuff & explore their background. Go into a conversation with information to back why you are interested in connecting with them. Read up on their company background, educate yourself on their blog content and bring personalized questions to the table.
9.       Introduce others. Just like you, everyone else is looking to connect. Meet someone cool? Be the bridge that helps others’ networking mission. In the end, the connections will come full-circle and you will wind up meeting more people.
10.   Follow up. Just like with anything, the best laid plans are worthless without any intentional and meaningful follow-up. Write a note or email expressing your gratitude for their time and energy.

Adapted from Scott Allen’s article “Top 10 Conference Networking Tips” 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Vantage Point Consulting Reviews ‘Mindset’

A manager at Vantage Point Consulting reviews ‘Mindset:’ How we think about the world and the events that occur in it is ultimately what shapes us into who we are or who will will become. Vantage Point Consulting reviews the mindset required in a B2B sales environment. Whether you are actually in the sales profession or not is irrelevant. Vantage Point Consulting comments on how to have a proper mindset, regardless of your industry.

Vantage Point Consulting Reviews How to Have a Great Mindset

First off, you should do an attitude check. How do you feel about things most of the time? Are you lucky or does bad luck always seem to find you? Do you typically look on the bright side of things or are you a ‘realist?’ Do you hope for the best and plan for the worst? Is your back door open just in case things don’t work out?

Get a good picture of how you think about things in general. It might be tough to take a step back and look at it from a birds-eye view, but in order to truly reach your potential…you must.

Vantage Point Consulting Columbus reviews some ways of thinking that might be hazardous to your success: blaming, complaining, and justifying. As stated in a previous post, common problems with your attitude, all of these things will kill any success that you hope to achieve. These ways of thinking are like a cancer. Once they get in there, it’s really difficult to get them out.

Employees at Vantage Point Consulting Inc review their goals and their attitudes on a daily basis, no wonder the company has expanded so quickly! To see some of the company’s work regarding goals and teamwork, check out Vantage Point Consulting Reviews. This would be impossible to achieve with negative attitudes.

So, instead of playing ‘not-to-lose,’ play to win. Change your mentality from ‘I hope’ to ‘Whatever it takes, I’ll do it.’ Instead of thinking that you are unlucky, think ‘I make my own luck.’ Instead of looking for problems in your situations, look for opportunities. Have a heavy dose of optimism in everything you do, and only a little spice of realism. Shut your back doors and make it happen.

In review, Vantage Point Consulting Inc suggests that you quit making excuses and make it happen. You can’t do both. Having a positive mental attitude will do no harm. Set a goal, be optimistic in your expected results, and go for it. Don’t make excuses or think about how difficult your goal may be, just go for it!

Thank you for checking out ‘Vantage Point Consulting Reviews ‘Mindset.’ Drop us a line any time for requests, reviews, opinions, ratings, or recommendations!

Vantage Point Consulting Reviews

Occasionally, Vantage Point Consulting reviews topics relating to entrepreneurship and driving results. Be sure to follow this blog for all of the most recent topics reviewed by the management team at Vantage Point Consulting Columbus!

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Vantage Point Consulting Reviews Columbus OH Office Nights

Vantage Point Consulting reviews Columbus, OH team events called 'Office Nights.' These weekly activities are frequently referred to as ‘office night’ or ‘team night.’ A manager at Vantage Point Consulting reviews these team building activities: “Team nights are great because they not only allow our Brand Managers to get to know each other on a more social level, but we also get to see who are more competitive team players are. We’ll go bowling; play sand volleyball, kickball…whatever. We like competition around here and it shows-through in our team’s results.”

Vantage Point Consulting Reviews the Meaning of “Team”

The management at Vantage Point Consulting guides the Columbus OH team in through their professional development…from an Entry Level Brand Manager to a managing partner within the company. What is it like to work at Vantage Point Consulting? The company is fast-paced, team-oriented, provides structured-learning, and management training. Vantage Point only hires individuals with great communication skills, professionalism, integrity, a great work ethic, and a desire to succeed. A great work environment is a bi-product of Vantage Point Consulting hiring these types of individuals.

While some sales and marketing companies only focus on company goals and quota’s, managing customer complaints, and hammering out the sales, Vantage Point Consulting reviews the performance of the employee. Through effective and thorough training methods, employees gain a vast knowledge of all functions of the company. However, company goals cannot be achieved without everyone working together to achieve smaller goals, both on the individual level as well as team level.

Team nights, or office nights, are not set up under special contracts, but by the employees themselves. Employees at Vantage Point Consulting review several different options for the location of the 'office night,' and usually one of the top Brand Managers will set up an activity or get-together where individuals can come together as a team and enjoy some friendly competition, or just relax around a cold beverage and share some appetizers.

It is encouraged that Brand Managers at Vantage Point Consulting review all possible activities in and around the Columbus, OH metropolitan area before committing to one event. It is also highly encouraged for these Brand Managers to choose something that they are personally interested in. Some people like bowling, some like sky diving, all options are evaluated before deciding on a team night / office night.

Vantage Point Consulting Columbus plans these events every week. Although the company is focused on hitting and exceeding goals and expectations for the client(s), it’s never a dull moment around the office. Inner-office competitions, a fun – yet structured – environment, and team night once a week provide for a nurturing and team building environment within Vantage Point Consulting.

Thank you for reading Vantage Point Consulting Reviews Columbus OH Office Nights. For more information, please visit our recent blog post where Vantage Point Consulting Reviews Our Most Recent Promotion of an Assitant Manager, Alicia!

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614-885-6300 - Who Called Me?!

6148856300 Vantage Point Consulting Columbus OH
Did you get a call from 614-885-6300? Don't worry, that was us at Vantage Point Consulting! Our human resource department was calling you about a resume you submitted to our Entry Level Brand Manager position.

If you got a call from 614-885-6300, then that also could mean that CareerBuilder referred your resume to us! To see if you are a good match for our management training program, give us a call back soon!

614-885-6300 | Vantage Point Consulting Columbus, OH

The Brand Manager position at Vantage Point Consulting is an exciting and challenging position. Our management team makes it a point to deliver the best training in the Columbus metropolitan area for sales, marketing, customer service, customer retention, and more importantly...leadership and management.

Vantage Point Consulting is located at 6230 Busch Blvd #322 Columbus, OH 43229. Our office building offers free guest parking and can be reached easily if traveling via public transit.

Give us a call back at 614-885-6300 and let's discuss your resume!

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Vantage Point Consulting Reviews Recent Promotion!

In this post, Vantage Point Consulting reviews the characteristics of leadership, management, and vision. The management team at Vantage Point Consulting often gets the opportunity to work with very talented and motivated people. However, one person in particular has truly shown her dedication to the expansion of the company, service to the company’s clients, and her own professional development. We here at Vantage Point are proud to announce our most recent promotion of Alicia Long to Assistant Management!

Vantage Point Consulting Reviews Recent Promotion!☺

Every Vantage Point Consulting employee is eligible for promotion based on competency and merit. Our company does not promote based on seniority, bureaucracy, or seniority. At Vantage Point Consulting, opinions don’t matter. Results speak for themselves. Vantage Point Consulting reviews the merit of a promotion based on factual information, not speculation. Alicia has added value to the company and assisted in the training and mentoring of numerous individuals within the company. She has helped guide and mentor many other less-experienced brand managers, all the while maintaining her results and performance.

Vantage Point Consulting Reviews Characteristics for Success

What does it take to succeed in today’s fast paced sales and marketing world? A manager at Vantage Point Consulting reviews: “Success is based on only a few key factors. The problem is, although most people have these traits, they don’t exude all of them, all of the time. Consistency is key if you hope to succeed in anything.”

Management at Vantage Point believes that success comes to those that have an extreme degree of integrity, professionalism, optimism, and communication. Furthermore, the formula for success includes a solid work ethic and an outlook conducive to problem solving.

Vantage Point Consulting Reviews Alicia’s Path to Success

Alicia started her journey with Vantage Point Consulting in late October 2011 after finishing her degree in Marketing at The Ohio State University. Alicia had little-to-no sales or marketing experience before starting her career with Vantage Point Consulting. Not allowing that to deter her from reaching her goals, she made up for her lack of knowledge with an impeccable work ethic and an unparalleled drive to succeed.

Over her time as a Brand Manager, Alicia worked closely with mentors and coaches within the organization to hone her skills in training, interviewing, sales and personal development. Now, with her promotion into part of the management at Vantage Point Consulting, Alicia will continue to develop her office management skills while taking on a more significant role in client relations and campaign development. During her promotion, Alicia thanked the dedication and patience of her coaches, Sam & Holly, and shared her continued drive to help others in the organization meet and exceed both their personal and professional goals. Thank you for reading Vantage Point Consulting Reviews Our Recent Promotion! Leave a comment and tell us what you think!

Congratulations again, Alicia! We are excited to see your continued growth and advancement.

Vantage Point Consulting Reviews Traits of Success

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Vantage Point Celebrates Big Results & a Big Win!

Vantage Point Consulting Inc Columbus OhioVantage Point Consulting (Columbus, OH) has been busy making big things happen for our clients throughout the beginning of 2013. Over the past couple months, Vantage Point Consulting has celebrated the opening of two additional offices in Oklahoma City and St. Louis while maintaining top quality results for our clients here in Columbus.

Vantage Point Consulting Recent News...

Recently, Vantage Point Consulting Columbus, OH was part of a national competition hosted by our client as a way to expand prime market growth and increase brand loyalty within new and repeat customers. Out of all locations competing nationwide, Vantage Point Consultingcame out on top with the greatest increase in monthly results! As an incentive for our hard work and dedication to results, all Vantage Point representatives were treated to a gourmet pizza party at Borgata Pizza Bistro, a local family-owned pizza cafe. Vantage Point Consulting employees enjoyed celebrating with delicious New York Style pizza & time with others in the office. Work hard, play hard!