Monday, March 25, 2013

Vantage Point Consulting Reviews Columbus OH Office Nights

Vantage Point Consulting reviews Columbus, OH team events called 'Office Nights.' These weekly activities are frequently referred to as ‘office night’ or ‘team night.’ A manager at Vantage Point Consulting reviews these team building activities: “Team nights are great because they not only allow our Brand Managers to get to know each other on a more social level, but we also get to see who are more competitive team players are. We’ll go bowling; play sand volleyball, kickball…whatever. We like competition around here and it shows-through in our team’s results.”

Vantage Point Consulting Reviews the Meaning of “Team”

The management at Vantage Point Consulting guides the Columbus OH team in through their professional development…from an Entry Level Brand Manager to a managing partner within the company. What is it like to work at Vantage Point Consulting? The company is fast-paced, team-oriented, provides structured-learning, and management training. Vantage Point only hires individuals with great communication skills, professionalism, integrity, a great work ethic, and a desire to succeed. A great work environment is a bi-product of Vantage Point Consulting hiring these types of individuals.

While some sales and marketing companies only focus on company goals and quota’s, managing customer complaints, and hammering out the sales, Vantage Point Consulting reviews the performance of the employee. Through effective and thorough training methods, employees gain a vast knowledge of all functions of the company. However, company goals cannot be achieved without everyone working together to achieve smaller goals, both on the individual level as well as team level.

Team nights, or office nights, are not set up under special contracts, but by the employees themselves. Employees at Vantage Point Consulting review several different options for the location of the 'office night,' and usually one of the top Brand Managers will set up an activity or get-together where individuals can come together as a team and enjoy some friendly competition, or just relax around a cold beverage and share some appetizers.

It is encouraged that Brand Managers at Vantage Point Consulting review all possible activities in and around the Columbus, OH metropolitan area before committing to one event. It is also highly encouraged for these Brand Managers to choose something that they are personally interested in. Some people like bowling, some like sky diving, all options are evaluated before deciding on a team night / office night.

Vantage Point Consulting Columbus plans these events every week. Although the company is focused on hitting and exceeding goals and expectations for the client(s), it’s never a dull moment around the office. Inner-office competitions, a fun – yet structured – environment, and team night once a week provide for a nurturing and team building environment within Vantage Point Consulting.

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